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How we do it

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20 tons of equipment, 1 winch, lighting gear, tents, even the kitchen sink!

How do we do it?


The first of several tractors provided by our local farming friends arrives at GG.


All loading and unloading is 'handraulic'; many hands still make for heavy work!

First things first; the Tea Tent goes up!

The winch is manhandled into place and the complex assembly begins.


Partially assembled, the gantry must be swung into place over the 100m deep shaft and secured.


A critical moment; the unwieldly gantry makes it's way over the hole, brute force rules!

Safely in place, the 'erection specialists' take a breather. Note safety ropes securing everyone.


The gantry takes shape as the floor is bolted in place, stabilising legs and braces are put in.

The dam which diverts Fell Beck away from the winch is erected.


The winch is bolted securely to the bedrock.

The winch is readied, thr tea tent swings into action, the steps assembled and 101 other jobs are done.


The guide cable must be secured to the chamber floor 100 metres below before the chair can be installed. The crew abseils in with tools and equipment.

The chair is now in place, ready for testing before taking it's first passengers for this year.


The chair makes it's first run and is now ready to bring down lighting gear to illuminate the chamber.

The whole winch system is inspected by a professional engineer and given an insurance certificate before operations can begin.


The floodlights are installed and tested, giving a view of the chamber only available during the winch meet.

BPC members set up home for three weeks of paradise.


The security team have forty winks.

The meet in full swing

'Punters' wait their turn to descend.


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