Sunday 05 May 2019

High Douk Holes - Meet leader - Malcolm Smith

An easy cave with several entrances, mainly walking  passages and a bit of crawling. Suitable for all.

Meet leader Malcolm Smith

Description from Northern Caves 2

HIGH DOUK HOLES                 NGR SD 745767     Grade I
Alt. 351m                     Length 396m
Lower entrance where stream emerges in same shakehole as Hardrawkin Pot. Other entrances across field between Hardrawkin and wall 155m Walking passage to exit at roof level, bypassed by crawl at floor level continuing roomy passage. Roof steps up and occasional crawling inter the easy walk to the next entrance, close to field wall. Necessary to en here and descend hole by the wall to get over the collapse.
Continuation is higher and narrower and again occasional crawls necessary. Calcite bridge across passage is climbed over and short choked, crawl enters here at roof level. Just beyond the bridge the cave splits chokes below shakeholes NW of Middle Washfold Cave.

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