New Garage Interior Consultation Results

With construction of the new garage now underway we just wanted to share with you a brief summary of the results of the online consultation for the interior of the garage

All suggested functions have a reasonable level of support, they are listed below in order of popularity:

  • Relocated tackle store (96%)
  • GG store (92%)
  • Dump maintenance supplies (88%)
  • Relocated drying room (75%)
  • Workbench (71%)
  • Guest tacklestore and charging facilities (67%)
  • Bike storage (54%)

There were also many good suggestions given for additional changes or improvements that should be made shown in the spider diagram. The feedback and suggestions given will taken in by the garage sub-committee and used to produce a final design.

If you have any comments or concerns feel free to contact any committee member or the garage sub-committee:

Electric Picture Show

The BPC Electric picture show is fast approaching (6th November 2021), so this a reminder to start or keep working on your slides and sound presentations and videos. It has been a frustrating 18 months but I am hoping you are all fresh from your adventures this summer and have some pictures and videos to put into a presentation. Please look at pre pandemic photos and videos as these will be welcome also, they can be short or long all are welcome.

The maximum running time for slides and sound presentations and videos should not exceed about 18 minutes. So if you have loads to show then please split them into two or more slide shows and videos. The preferred format for slides and sound presentations is Pictures To exe, however movie maker or adobe premier etc. are all welcome, most video formats can be catered for.

Please send your completed presentations and videos to me at;

or direct to the Maestro himself at;

Please get the presentations to us by the 29th October. If the video and or presentation is too large to send via email please use drop box, We transfer, transfer now etc.

The venue is the School at Horton in Ribblesdale at the bottom of Brackenbottom lane so is an easy 5 minute walk from the dump. The start time is 7 p.m.

Cas will be organising the beer so please contact him on

Last orders 30th October. Please bring your own wine spirit’s and nibbles.

There is some room outside the school for camper vans so it will be first come first served.

As always, if you need any help with putting your show together or sending via drop box etc. please contact me and I will try my best to help.


Bradford Pothole Club Subscriptions

The BPC is covered for third party insurance claims through the BCA membership scheme. For the insurance policy to be valid, each member has to hold BCA membership, either arranged through the club, through another club or as a Direct Individual Member. This ensures that the club’s assets and the assets of its members are protected in the event of a claim.

Many landowners insist that cavers exploring caves on their land have third party insurance otherwise there would be no access. BCA membership also covers us for our annual Gaping Gill winch meet, which would be impossible to run without this cover.

This year the BCA have increased the price of cavers membership from £17 to £20 a year. The price for student, junior and non-caving BCA membership remains the same.

Club subscriptions for the year 2021 – 2022 are due on 1st_October.

BCA insurance has to be held by ALL members of the club. It will be assumed that the BCA insurance premium will be paid through the BPC for all members unless YOU inform us otherwise when you pay your subscriptions.

BPC Subscription Fees (1st Oct 2021-30th Sept 2022):

BPC Probationary/Full membership £20.00

BPC Life members (Must pay BCA Insurance) £0.00

BPC Junior Associate members £8.00

BCA Insurance Fees (All BPC members must hold BCA Insurance):

Caving insurance £20.00

Non-caving insurance £6.00

Student (those in full time education) 18 + over £8.00

Student (those in full time education) under 18 £0.00


Membership CategoryBPC SubsBCA InsuranceTotal Payable
BPC Probationary/Full membership (Caving Insurance)£20.00+£20.00=£40.00
BPC Probationary/Full membership (Student Insurance 18+)£20.00+£8.00=£28.00
BPC Junior Associate members (Student Insurance <18)£8.00+£0.00=£8.00
BPC Probationary/Full membership (Non-Caving Insurance)£20.00+£6.00=£26.00
BPC Life members (Caving Insurance)£0.00+£20.00=£20.00
BPC Life members (Non-Caving Insurance)£0.00+£6.00=£6.00

Please pay your subscription to the treasurer:

Bank transfers are preferred. Please make payments to Bradford Pothole Club Ltd, Sort Code: 40-40-31 Account No: 71438417. Once the bank transfer has been made, can you email Ben at ben.t.wright, detailing who and what has been paid for.

Payments can also be made by cheque, made payable to Bradford Pothole Club Ltd. Please post cheques to Ben Wright, 8 Earlston Ave, Denton, Manchester, M34 2LF.

NOTE: The SumUp payment system at the Dump is NOT to be used for paying subs.

If there are any changes to your details (address, email, phone number, name of the club through which you pay your BCA insurance, please inform the secretary:secretary, or 1 South Lane, Shelf, Halifax, HX3 7PN, Tel: 07761-381481.

New cards will be ordered when ALL the subscriptions are paid and sent out when we receive the BCA insurance cards which will probably be in early 2022.


It’s getting to that time again…. If anyone has any photos they would like to be considered for next year’s calendar, please start sending them through. Caving photos are always encouraged, as are photos of the great outdoors / club activities. Thanks in advance for all your contributions.

I look forward to hearing from lots of you in due course!

BPC Editor


All members who requested a paper copy of the bulletin should have now received them, either by hand or by post. If you think you’re expecting one and it hasn’t arrived, please let me know!

The next edition of the bulletin hopefully won’t be too far behind, and will have the theme of "Tales from the Past" – a collection of nostalgia including those that have appeared in recent newsletters, and other articles that have been sent my way. If you feel you have anything else you would like to contribute, to send us on a trip down memory lane, please get in touch!