Gaping Gill Winch

The next BPC Gaping Gill Winch Meet will be taking place between the 25th May and 31st May 2024.

The price is £20 per person. To avoid disappointment, please ensure you bring cash.

Opening Times:
We are open from 8am, BUT we are limited to the amount of people we can winch in one day. Closing is when the book is full or 5pm. We aim to completely stop winching by 12 noon on Fri 31st May, so the book can close very early.

No pre-booking is possible here or on any other website

Descents will be made in order of numbered tags issued on the day at Gaping Gill itself. Please come early to avoid disappointment!

Please bring your own suitable warm waterproof clothing, gloves and footwear for your visit underground, we provide helmets.

Download your Guide to Gaping Gill here Guide to GG

Download your Information and Advice to Visitors here Info and Advice

The most direct route to Gaping Gill starts at Ingleborough Estate Nature Trail. Tickets can be purchased from the ticket foyer in The Old Sawmill Cafe (LA2 8DS) during opening hours, or from the outdoor ticket machine outside of opening hours. Opening Times can be found on their website.

Please be aware that if taking the route through the Nature Trail there is a charge by Ingleborough Cave of £2.50 per adult and £1 per child. More details can be found on their website Ingleborough Estate Nature Trail.

Satellite map of the easiest route via Nature Trail to Gaping Gill can be found here Satellite Map

Ingleborough Cave, which is at the far end of the Gaping Gill System, is open daily for visits. If you have a wait to go down on the winch, you may wish to take the 30 minute walk to go look around whilst you wait. Opening times can be found on their website. Ingleborough Cave

Please note that Ingleborough Cave is a separate attraction and not connected in any way with the Gaping Gill Winch.

Important Information please take the time to read.

There are no public toilets beyond those in Clapham village carpark.

No pre-booking is possible, tickets are issued on the day at Gaping Gill itself

Advice for visitors
  • The walk from Clapham to Gaping Gill can take up to 1 ½ hours or longer depending on your fitness and ability.
  • Please bring your own suitable warm waterproof clothing, gloves and footwear for your visit underground, we provide helmets.
  • Portaloos are provided near Ingleborough Cave.
  • There is only a very basic ‘field latrine’ facility available for our visitors at Gaping Gill.
  • Please bring your own refreshments and food as none are provided at Gaping Gill.
  • The Old Sawmill Cafe, at the entrance to the nature trail is open daily for breakfast and lunch. A takeaway option is available for the full menu. Opening times can be found on their website. Old Saw Mill Cafe
  • Hot & cold drinks, confectionery and ice cream are available during opening hours at Ingleborough Cave on your walk up.
  • If the Winch is not running due to bad weather or excessive numbers a notice will be posted at Ingleborough Cave for your information.
  • Maximum weight on the winch is 20 Stone (125Kg).
  • The main chamber is floodlit but a torch will add to your enjoyment, enabling you to explore the nooks and crannies.
  • Throughout the Main Chamber are strategically placed notice boards, which enable the visitor to explore the cavern without the need for a guide.
  • Photography is allowed so do bring a camera, however only phones and cameras with a suitable lanyard can be used when on the winch itself. Also bear in mind it is very damp underground so care must be taken to avoid damage to electronic equipment.
  • Minimum age is 6 years at the Meet Leader’s discretion, and all children must be accompanied by a responsible adult.
  • Should the child, a member of winch crew or the day leader be unhappy then the child may be prevented from descending.
Winch Closed Sign
  • If the winch is closed for any reason a sign will be displayed at Ingleborough Cave for your information.
  • Ingleborough Cave displays the Gaping Gill winch closure notice at the request of the Bradford Pothole Club.
  • Please note that the Ingleborough Cave staff are not responsible for the Bradford Pothole Club’s decision when to close the winch.
  • Ingleborough Cave will be open as advertised throughout the duration of the BPC winch meet. More detail can be found here Ingleborough Cave.
  • Only members of the Bradford Pothole Club are permitted to camp at Gaping Gill.
  • Natural England and Ingleborough Estate do not permit wild camping anywhere on the Estate.
  • If you require a campsite or a bunkhouse visit for information and recommendations.
  • Please keep group numbers to a maximum of 10 persons.
Visiting Cavers
  • The Bradford Pothole Club welcomes fellow cavers to our winch meet.
  • During the winch meet some of the alternative ways into the system may also be rigged for SRT. Just enquire at the booking in tent to find out what is rigged. However the BPC request that all visiting cavers vacate the system by 17:00 on the Thursday of open week as derigging may commence at this time.
  • Only competent cavers with suitable experience and equipment may access alternative entrances into the Gaping Gill system.
  • If visiting cavers choose to use our equipment it is on the understanding that they do this entirely at their own risk.
  • Please note that descents/ascents of those routes landing in the Main Chamber (Main Shaft/ Dihedral/ Rat Hole, etc.) are not permitted.
  • Access to the main chamber will be restricted on the Saturday of set up and the final Friday of the open week due to the risk of falling objects.
  • Any existing rigging should not be tampered with or left in an unsafe condition.
  • Cavers entering the system using any of the alternative entrances must sign in (and out) with the booking in tent.
  • Anyone who plans to use the winch to enter or exit the system must book in, pay the usual fee of £20 and collect a numbered tag.
Further Information
  • Professional film or photography requests require six weeks’ notice.
  • No pets are allowed down Gaping Gill, please arrange your own pet babysitter, as we do not offer this service.
  • If there is not enough information here to answer all your questions please contact Terry Devaney via this link Gaping Gill Enquiries